Cholesterol Lowering Foods As Your Cholesterol Treatment

Heart disease is on the rise and the key tool of your primary care physician in identifying your risk of heart disease is your blood cholesterol. Some of us are lucky enough to have the genetics that keep our cholesterol numbers low. Some of us struggle for decades to lower them using some sort of cholesterol treatment.

The reason for the concern with blood cholesterol is because of the role that cholesterol can play in causing plaque build up in your arteries leading to a blockage, reduced blood flow, and subsequent heart attacks and/or surgery. The thinking is that if you reduce the immediate cause of that artery plaque, you might enjoy good cardiovascular health until you die from old age. It is a good thought, but it has led many people to reducing cholesterol itself and saturated fats in their diets, in some cases to extreme low levels of these two fats.

It is the philosophy of this website that the best diet is a diet with great variety and a whole lot of fresh produce. Pork or eggs may only become a problem for you because you filled up on those and passed up the broccoli. As it turns out, cholesterol in your blood is only a plaque-forming tool when it oxidizes. Oxidation happens in our bodies every second, especially as we are exposed to carcinogens and other toxins. If we can reduce those negative exposures and eat mountains of antioxidant-containing fresh fruits and vegetables, the cholesterol that is in our blood is less likely to oxidize and block our arteries. Those antioxidants prevent cancerous cell formation as well, so there really is a lot of reason to eat that broccoli.

This site is new and we are developing resources to analyze your favorite foods in light of your cholesterol levels. We strongly encourage you to embrace more fruits and vegetables as your primary cholesterol treatment and will create a recipe index with ideas to help you to that end.